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Category: Productivity

Why and how to use Google+ effectively
October 24, 2012 Google, No Email Day, Productivity @lordlancaster

Google+ is really cool, but most people still don’t know why or how they should use it. In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of people I know who use it regularly. I’m on there now myself but it wasn’t until I watched this excellent video of my Twitter buddy and No

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What Does Success Look Like?
June 13, 2012 Inspiration, Productivity, Upmarket @lordlancaster

Before you embark on any new project or business venture, you need to ask yourself the question ‘What does success look like?’ Without an end goal in mind (and preferably written down somewhere), how will you know you’ve achieved what you set out to do? Having a goal (or many) will help you focus on

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Why Mentoring Matters
May 2, 2012 Innovation, Inspiration, Mentoring, Motivation, Productivity, Tech Start-Ups, Upmarket @lordlancaster

This article was originally written for and published on Upmarket – the US-based online business magazine at There’s a big drive to increase the number of business mentors in the UK today through Government-backed initiatives like Get Mentoring and This is because along with finance, mentoring is regularly cited by start-ups as one of

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Confidence – The Stuff Entrepreneurs Are Made Of
April 4, 2012 Confidence, Inspiration, LinkedIn, Motivation, Productivity, The Domino Project, Upmarket @lordlancaster

This article was originally written for and published on Upmarket – the US-based online business magazine at Over the past three years I’ve worked with thousands of start-ups across the UK, and have come to the conclusion that confidence is the number one ingredient that entrepreneurs need if they are to succeed in business. Although funding

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Welcome to ‘Permanent Beta’ – The Start-Up IS YOU!
March 6, 2012 Inspiration, LinkedIn, Productivity, Tech Start-Ups @lordlancaster

I’ve just finished reading ‘The Start-Up Of You‘ by LinkedIn Founder/Chairman Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha and am feeling pretty inspired. If you’re stuck in a rut, wanting to advance your career, find a new job or start a business (i.e. everyone) I’d strongly urge you to buy and read this book! If Reid’s career credentials weren’t

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Stop Tweeting and Start Making!
February 18, 2012 Facebook, Productivity, Twitter @lordlancaster

Anyone who knows me well will vouch that I’m a huge advocate of Social Media as a tool for encouraging greater collaboration and sharing and have been using both for business for just over 3yrs with great success. However, I’m also aware that Twitter and Facebook can be a massive time suck which can actually make

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Leap Year
February 13, 2012 Inspiration, Motivation, Productivity @lordlancaster

2012 is a ‘Leap Year’ so that means you have an extra 24hrs to do something special, be it volunteering / raising money for a good cause or starting that business you’ve been talking about. Maybe you could use the extra day, 29th Feb, to focus your efforts in one go or spread it out

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We need more Leaders not Followers
January 31, 2012 Facebook, Inspiration, Motivation, Productivity, Twitter @lordlancaster

In the past few years we’ve become a little obsessed with getting more ‘Followers’ on Twitter and ‘Fans’ on Facebook. This is back to front thinking. If we’re completely honest with ourselves and each other, it’s unlikely that every little thing that we do is really that remarkable and worthy of a ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’.

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Normal rules no longer apply
January 17, 2012 Facebook, Productivity, Smartphones, Twitter @lordlancaster

If you run a customer-focused website, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that you need to be posting updates to Twitter and Facebook during off-peak times, i.e.  first thing in the morning (before 9am) evenings (after 5pm) weekends See this infographic from Dan Zarrella for a handy summary I’ve been doing this

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‘No Email Day’ featured in The Sunday Times
December 20, 2011 Email, No Email Day, Productivity @lordlancaster

The Sunday Times (prestigious British newspaper) contacted me recently about my ‘No Email Day‘ campaign, after news broke that Atos would be banning internal email within 18 months. After explaining more about the campaign and telling them about Luis Suarez (IBM’er who has gone almost 4yrs without email) and Mark Hurst (author of the excellent ‘Bit Literacy’), I

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The Domino Project: Start. Now!
September 30, 2011 Codeworks, Email, Ignite, Inspiration, Motivation, No Email Day, Presentations, Productivity, The Domino Project, Time Management @lordlancaster

The Domino Project: Start. Now! by Paul Lancaster Slides from my 5min Ignite presentation first delivered at the Codeworks Connect ‘Think and a Drink’ event at the Vermont Hotel, Newcastle upon Tyne on Thursday 29th September 2011. ‘Barriers’ stopping people from producing ‘Great Work’ and achieving their dreams in Newcastle. (I got people to write them

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The NO EMAIL DAY Manifesto
August 11, 2011 Email, No Email Day, Productivity, Time Management @lordlancaster

I wrote my very first ‘manifesto’ for my NO EMAIL DAY campaign for 11th November. It’s only short so please read and share with at least one other person for me. .PDF version http://plandigital.files.wordp​​by-paul-lancaster.pdf or Slideshare version NO EMAIL DAY by Paul Lancaster View more documents from Paul Lancaster Any comments, feedback or suggestions for the campaign

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‘Read This Before Our Next Meeting’ by Al Pittampalli
August 2, 2011 Productivity, The Domino Project @lordlancaster

How many meetings do you have at work where you leave thinking ‘what a complete waste of time and effort’? If the answer is ‘a lot’ or ‘most of them’ then you really must read Al Pittampalli’s excellent new book ‘Read This Before Our Next Meeting‘. The latest title from The Domino Project, Al’s book highlights

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No Email Day (11.11.11)
July 23, 2011 Email, No Email Day, Productivity, Time Management @lordlancaster

Following my earlier blog post titled ‘The Race To ZERO‘, some friends and I have started a Facebook Campaign for a NO EMAIL DAY on 11th November 2011. We’re encouraging people to stop using email completely for 24hrs on 11.11.11 and do something more productive with the time saved instead. This could simply involve other

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