Why and how to use Google+ effectively

Google+ is really cool, but most people still don’t know why or how they should use it. In fact, I can probably count on one hand the number of people I know who use it regularly.

I’m on there now myself but it wasn’t until I watched this excellent video of my Twitter buddy and No Email Day supporter Luis Suarez (Knowledge Manager, Community Builder & Social Computing Evangelist @ IBM) that I finally ‘got it’ and could see how it could be useful and relevant to my work. It’s hard to believe that this video was shot just over a year ago but it’s well worth a watch as Luis does a great job explaining how he uses Google+ to engage in much deeper conversations with his contacts and networks than he could ever do on Twitter, which as we know is great for broadcasting and consuming news but so fleeting and random that it’s easy to miss out.

In it, Luis talks about how he decided to focus on and invest heavily in 3 social media tools - Twitter, Google+ and IBM Connections, with a clear strategy for each. He also talks about why he dislikes Facebook and deleted his account after reading their terms and conditions which state that they own all the content you put on it, compared to Google+ where you own the copyright and can remove / export it all should you choose to.

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