Plan Digital Street Team

Since January 2011 I’ve been a member of Seth Godin’s ‘Domino Project Street Team’, a global group of around 70 people helping to raise awareness of all the great work and books published through The Domino Project.

This has been such a fantastic experience for me that I’m now looking to build my own ‘Street Team’ of people interested in finding out about (and promoting) latest trends and ideas in business, technology, music, publishing, film, art, personal development + more.

So, if you’re a blogger, thought-leader, DJ, tastemaker or simply someone with a genuine interest and curiosity in the world and making a difference please do the following.

Email me at [email protected] with:

  • a short paragraph about yourself & why you want to be part of the ‘Plan Digital Street Team’
  • links to your Twitter & LinkedIn profiles
  • links to any other relevant blogs/websites you run or write for

This is an unpaid gig but just like The Domino Project there will be benefits to Street Team members and it’ll look good on your CV too!

Paul Lancaster @plandigitaluk | @lordlancaster

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