On 16th June 2016 I wrote an article in The Journal newspaper explaining why we needed to do a better job of marketing and promoting the North East of England as a great place not only to live and work but to start and grow a successful business (read it here).

Since then I’ve been speaking to lots of individuals and organisations about how best to do this and have been gathering support for two potential campaign slogans and hashtags for them to use when promoting the region:

1. North East England: #InventingTheFuture

2. #ThisIsMINE (Made In North East)

In order for this to work, I believe the campaign needs to be grassroots-led and community-driven and so have been encouraging local artists and designers to turn the words into a more visual format that can be used online and on printed formats.

There’s no right and wrong way to do this but the first person to rise to the challenge is the super-talented designer James Hanson, Co-Founder of Layers Studio, who has sent me the awesome logos below.


GreyBG_VERT_ThisIsMINEArtboard 2 copy 5@2x

GreyBG_ThisIsMINEArtboard 2 copy 6Vert

Download the #ThisIsMINE branding guidelines (PDF, 9MB).

I’ve already started using the logo on my website homepage at http://plandigitaluk.com (which you’re welcome to do too) but am also planning to turn it into some stickers and t-shirts too like the one shown below.

If you’d like to know when the t-shirts are available to buy, please email your size and postal address to me at paul@plandigitaluk.com so I can add you to the waiting list. Thanks :o)

ThisIsMINE (Made In North East) t-shirt