Interview with Michael Acton Smith (Mind Candy / Moshi Monsters)

On 15th April 2011, I interviewed Michael Acton Smith, founder of and now Mind Candy – home of the phenomenally successful Moshi Monsters (almost 40m registered users worldwide)!

During this fantastic interview Michael confirmed that the working environment was crucial to getting the best out of his team and making them feel valued, expressing dismay at how many businesses continue to work in boring, drab and soulless offices. If only more companies would take heed and put more effort into their place of work then perhaps we would have more success stories like Mind Candy throughout the UK? (see my earlier blog Start-Ups: Know Your Place).

Other topics discussed include how Michael gets ideas and inspiration, the importance of surrounding yourself with positive and creative people, awards and recognition and his future plans for Moshi Monsters in the coming months and years!

Paul Lancaster Interviews Herb Kim (Thinking Digital / Codeworks)

In this video, Plan Digital’s Paul Lancaster interviews Herb Kim, founder of the excellent Thinking Digital Conference taking place @ Sage Gateshead on 24-26 May 2011.

In it, Herb talks about the benefits to young entrepreneurs in attending the event and the pros and cons of being a tech start-up in the UK as opposed to the US, particularly Silicon Valley.

Topics include:

  • Thinking Digital, Codeworks and GameHorizon.
  • The pros and cons of being a tech start up in the UK as opposed to the US, particularly Silicon Valley.
  • The ingredients that make a successful tech start up, and why do some succeed when others fail?
  • Seeking investment for new tech businesses.
  • Herb’s advice to someone thinking of starting their own business and the support available.
  • Facebook, Google, YouTube, MySpace, Gowalla, Wired Magazine, Silicon Roundabout, London Tech City, Quora, Sage , Autonomy, Basecamp, 37signals and more.

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