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‘Social Media for Business’ lecture @ The University of Leeds
February 22, 2012 Facebook, Foursquare, Klout, LinkedIn, Motivation, No Email Day, Presentations, SoLoMo, Twitter, YouTube @lordlancaster

Slides from the 1hr ‘Social Media for Business‘ lecture I gave to around 50 students at The University of Leeds yesterday (21st February 2012). Topics include: how technology has changed in the 14yrs since I graduated from Leeds in 1998 how these developments have affected my career and personal life how I use a wide range of

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Stop Tweeting and Start Making!
February 18, 2012 Facebook, Productivity, Twitter @lordlancaster

Anyone who knows me well will vouch that I’m a huge advocate of Social Media as a tool for encouraging greater collaboration and sharing and have been using both for business for just over 3yrs with great success. However, I’m also aware that Twitter and Facebook can be a massive time suck which can actually make

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Are Facebook and Twitter overrated for business?
February 1, 2012 Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube @lordlancaster

If you listen to what all the ‘experts’ have to say, then you’ll know you need to Tweet, Like, share and blog about your business if it’s to have any chance of success these days. That’s a given, right? Well, after 14 years in a variety of IT/web/marketing roles and 3 years using Social Media

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We need more Leaders not Followers
January 31, 2012 Facebook, Inspiration, Motivation, Productivity, Twitter @lordlancaster

In the past few years we’ve become a little obsessed with getting more ‘Followers’ on Twitter and ‘Fans’ on Facebook. This is back to front thinking. If we’re completely honest with ourselves and each other, it’s unlikely that every little thing that we do is really that remarkable and worthy of a ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’.

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How influential are you?
January 21, 2012 Facebook, Foursquare, Klout, LinkedIn, Twitter @lordlancaster

Influence is a powerful currency in society, but it’s always been difficult to quantify and measure in a meaningful way. However, sites like Klout and PeerIndex are doing their very best to provide us with scores that demonstrate how influential we are online through our personal social networks. My Klout Score increased to 50 for the first time today;

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Normal rules no longer apply
January 17, 2012 Facebook, Productivity, Smartphones, Twitter @lordlancaster

If you run a customer-focused website, there is a lot of evidence to suggest that you need to be posting updates to Twitter and Facebook during off-peak times, i.e.  first thing in the morning (before 9am) evenings (after 5pm) weekends See this infographic from Dan Zarrella for a handy summary I’ve been doing this

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