The Cost of Craftsmanship

As a kid growing up who developed an intense love of dance music and DJing, it was my dream to one day own a pair of Technics turntables. Eventually I saved up enough money to buy a pair of Technics 1210s as I progressed from bedroom DJ to semi-professional DJ/producer and can honestly say that they were two of my most prized possessions, a thing of beauty and worth every penny.

Yes, they were more expensive than other turntables but not only were you paying for ‘the best’ you were also paying for all the history and heritage that went into making them, plus the feeling they gave you whenever you used them.


As I got older and my priorities in life changed, I sold my turntables, mixer, CDJs, sampler and analog synth to pay for my wife’s engagement ring which was the right thing to do and the perfect symbol of my love.

I never regretted making that decision although I have been unable to bring myself to sell my record collection which is currently gathering dust in our loft at home! Even so, nostalgia is a powerful thing and this new video of the brand new Technics 1200s (below) has triggered all kinds of forgotten feelings and emotions.

I don’t know how much these cost yet (I’ve heard they could cost up to £2,000 per turntable) but if you want real craftsmanship you have to be prepared to pay for it. Cheap imitations are rarely worth it.

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