Innovation Districts (or Clusters)

The geography of innovation is shifting. To find the innovative economy twenty years ago, a worker needed to drive to a secluded research park, work in isolation and keep ideas secret.

Today, proximity is everything. Workers want to be in urban places that are walkable, bikeable and hyper-caffeinated where they can bump into other workers and share ideas. This video explains why.

5 thoughts on “Innovation Districts (or Clusters)

  1. jamesmills Reply

    You think the North East is one of these or needs to work to be more one of these?

    1. @lordlancaster Reply

      Hi James, I think Campus North in Newcastle fits the bill already and there are other places like Newcastle Science Central with the potential to be one too over the next few years. The impressive Boho buildings in Middlesbrough seem to have the ingredients in place already but I’m not sure the momentum is there at the moment.

      1. jamesmills

        Totally agree, it’s such a shame that after so many years Boro/Middlesbrough/Teesside has not stepped up to the plate. It’s getting there, but very slowly.

        Maybe the new management at Digital City will help improve things around Boho but I cannot find any news online about it. I think someone new is involved called Rob?

      2. @lordlancaster

        Yes, Rob Earnshaw (previously of Creative North) was appointed ‘Director of DigitalCity’ last month which I think is a smart move for them and for him. He’s just getting his feet under the table but is already doing a good job of rebuilding bridges with other cities and other organisations.

  2. jamesmills Reply

    Exciting, thanks for the clarification and info.

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