Top Tip for Better Email Management & Productivity

It’s well documented that ‘information overload’ is a big cause of stress and anxiety in the workplace and an overflowing email Inbox can be a major culprit. Having a poor filing system can also slow us down and make it difficult to find the information we need when we want it.

I’m in the middle of reading a great book called ‘Bit Literacy’ by Mark Hurst which is full of tips and advice on improving productivity in the workplace.

My favourite is the following which I recommend that you try; 

  • Create a new folder in your Inbox called !TO DO LIST! (see screenshot below)
  • Spend some time ruthlessly reading, deleting and filing into sub-folders all remaining email that is currently sitting in your Inbox
  • All emails that still require an action should be moved into the !TO DO LIST!
  • The ultimate aim is to be left with a COMPLETELY empty Inbox at the end of each day (see screenshot below) and an empty !TO DO LIST! folder by the end of the week

Try it and I promise you’ll be amazed by how much more efficient and productive you feel.

Empty Inbox

Empty Inbox

To Do List


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