No Email Day

By Paul Lancaster @lordlancaster

The first No Email Day on 11/11/11 went viral around the world after my original 9-page ‘manifesto’ (below) was read over 30,000 times on Slideshare following a story published on tech news site The Next Web. (At the time of writing it’s had over 50,000 views).

Subsequent weeks saw thousands of people blogging, Tweeting and sharing the manifesto around the world. The campaign received international support and media coverage by the BBC Radio 5 Live, Wall Street Journal, Wired, Likehacker and The Sunday Times, and IBM Benelux even launched their own social media campaign ‘Outside The Inbox‘ to coincide with No Email Day.

Around 300 people actively took part in No Email Day #1 to varying degrees of success and many more have continued to join in each year on 12/12/12, 3/3/13 and 4/4/14, including people at some big businesses including Sage, Microsoft and Powwownow. The campaign has also received further media coverage in The HuffingtonPost, The Journal and on BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4.

The campaign seems to have split people’s opinion 50/50 on whether it’s a good or bad idea, genius or crazy. However, it’s clear that there are many people out there who say they need a day like this to help them focus on doing the ‘real work’ rather than just the ‘busy work’.

The latest ‘No Email Day’ is on 4/4/14 so if you’d like to get involved please Follow the campaign on Twitter @NoEmailDayHQ and share your thoughts, tips and advice by including the #noemailday hashtag in your Tweets.

13 thoughts on “No Email Day

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