Tech start-up or entrepreneur? Try Sunderland Software City

If you’re a tech start-up or software company based in the North East of England (or willing to relocate), a developer or just someone with an idea for a new project or business you really should speak to the guys at Sunderland Software City.

Sunderland Software City

Despite the name, the remit of the organisation is not just to support, develop and grow the software industry in the City of Sunderland but also across the whole of the North East of England.

I’ll admit that despite being aware of Sunderland Software City for a number of years, it wasn’t until I had a long and interesting conversation with David Dunn, their charismatic CEO at the 2012 Thinking Digital Conference that I understood what they were about and all the great support they could provide.

Apart from being a great guy who is genuinely passionate about the North East of England, David is full of interesting and innovative ideas and I always feel energised and excited after speaking to him. Having previously spent some time at regional development agency One North East, David has the rare ability of being able to really ‘get’ the needs of grassroots start-ups and public sector decision makers which means if you go to him with an idea for a new project he can help smooth the way for it to happen. David is surrounded by an excellent team of seasoned business professionals too who are equally passionate about the region and sector they support.

Their new incubator, office and co-working space in the heart of Sunderland is well worth a visit too and I hope will become the home and hub for many exciting new businesses and technology-focused events over the coming months and years. (They’re currently looking for people to host events their so get in touch if you need a great venue).

With free business advice, project funding and national/international connections on offer, plus the full backing of Sunderland Council, Sunderland University and the North East BIC, I’d urge anyone in the North East tech/software sector to give Sunderland Software City a call on 0845 872 8575 or email to see how they can help you or your business, no matter what size or stage you are at. Sunderland Software City is a fantastic resource for the region so use it or lose it!

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