More Klout To Shout About?

Klout recently released a major update to the way it measures people’s online / social influence, including a neat new feature called ‘Klout Moments’ which shows a vertical timeline of your most influential social media activity over the past 90 days.

You can also filter this down further to show just Twitter Moments (Retweets and Replies), Facebook Moments (Likes and Shares), Google+ Moments (+1’s) or Klout Moments (+K’s) and although this information is already available on each respective site, it’s nice to have them all combined in a single view without having to wade back through all your old Tweets or Status Updates.

For example, I knew that my Tweet on 6th Sept about the new Nokia Lumia 920 & 980 Windows Phone video got a lot of interest at the time, but Klout Moments shows me exactly how many people it engaged and who they were, as well as letting me click on their individual profiles and/or the original message (see screenshot below).

Klout Moments

Klout has also changed the layout of the Dashboard, containing a graph showing your 1 day, 7 day, 30 day and 90 day history, plus a pie chart showing the %age contribution that each social media site has had on your overall score – for example 70% of my score is made up by my Twitter activity vs. 18% by Facebook (see screenshot below).

Klout Dashboard
Overall, I like the new changes and the Klout blog reveals just how much work is going on behind the scenes. I’m also pleased that my Klout score has increased from 52 to 63 since the new algorithm was introduced. Apparently the recent changes have made the score more accurate but I guess my Tweets have been engaging more people of a higher social influence in their own right too (e.g. Microsoft, Windows Phone and Nokia).

There are still some people who don’t see the point of Klout and why your score should matter (although many of these doubters are starting to change their mind), but if you’re working as a digital marketing / social media consultant or someone who needs to demonstrate their online influence to an existing or potential client, then I think it’s a really great way to do this and demonstrates that you are ‘up on latest trends’ in a cool and easy to comprehend way (read my earlier blog titled ‘How influential are you?‘)

Frankly, I can only see it growing in importance over the coming months so if you’re not already using it then now might be a good time to start as your next job or project may actually depend on it!

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