Social Media & Inbound Marketing through the years

When Neil Richardson (Senior Lecturer at Leeds Business School) asked me to give a talk for Leeds Beckett University’s Marketing Society last week, I was more than happy to do this.

Although I have great respect for the field of ‘marketing’, I also believe that Social Media and Inbound Marketing is such a fast-moving area of expertise that it’s very difficult for education to keep up with what’s going on in the real world. So, I wanted to use my talk to show the students the importance of experimentation and creativity in order to get results, with examples of some of the best / most successful things I’ve done over the years for Fragile Recordings, Shell LiveWIRE, No Email Day, Sage and Tech North, plus some examples of people who are exciting me the most when it comes to Social Media and Inbound Marketing.

I hoped to excite them and open their eyes to what’s possible in business and why there’s no such thing as a bad idea if it helps you and your business achieve your aims.

Here’s what I talked about (most slides are hyperlinked through to further information)…