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Category: Innovation

North East entrepreneurs can drive the future, post-Brexit
August 1, 2016 Innovation @lordlancaster

In my last column (for The Journal), I wrote that one of the biggest barriers to economic success in the North East was a lack of positive media coverage outside our region. Unfortunately, I fear this has become an even bigger problem as a result of the EU Referendum when the majority of people in

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7 questions every startup should answer
July 10, 2015 Innovation, Tech Start-Ups @lordlancaster

Taken from Peter Thiel’s brilliant book ‘Zero to One: Notes on Start Ups, or How to Build the Future‘, here are the 7 questions every new business should answer: 1. The Engineering Question Can you create breakthrough technology instead of incremental improvements? 2. The Timing Question Is now the right time to start your particular

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Welcome to Sunderland, Software City
September 6, 2012 Co-working, Innovation, Sunderland Software City, Tech Start-Ups @lordlancaster

Sunderland Software City, the organisation that exists to generate and promote a sustainable, world class software industry in the North East of England, is moving to a brand new, state-of-the-art building next to Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens called ‘Software City’. Just a few minutes walk from Sunderland Metro station and the main shopping streets, Software City is a stunning new building

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Why tech start-ups (and giants) should leave London (and move to Newcastle)
May 18, 2012 Codeworks, Innovation, Inspiration, London Tech, Tech Start-Ups, Thinking Digital @lordlancaster

I think tech start-ups (and giants) should leave London and move to other parts of the UK. I also think the UK Government should stop putting all their eggs in one basket (i.e. Tech City / Silicon Roundabout) and give greater support (media attention, funding and financial incentives) to other tech clusters around the country to help spread the

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Why Mentoring Matters
May 2, 2012 Innovation, Inspiration, Mentoring, Motivation, Productivity, Tech Start-Ups, Upmarket @lordlancaster

This article was originally written for and published on Upmarket – the US-based online business magazine at There’s a big drive to increase the number of business mentors in the UK today through Government-backed initiatives like Get Mentoring and This is because along with finance, mentoring is regularly cited by start-ups as one of

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Emotional Technology
March 10, 2012 CIM, Innovation, Inspiration, No Email Day, Presentations, Tech Start-Ups, The Domino Project @lordlancaster

Below are the slides from my Techmesh / CIM presentation at The Rose Bowl, Leeds Met University on Thursday 8th March 2012. The theme was ‘Emotional Technology + How Ideas Spread‘ as I was trying to convey the fact that no matter how amazing the technology is, it’s only when it taps into real life human emotion,

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