North East England: #InventingTheFuture

On 16th June 2016 I had the following short article published in The Journal, the biggest business newspaper in the North East of England.

My original submission to The Journal ended with a call to action where readers could visit this blog to find out more about what I was proposing but this was missed off the final printed version. So, here’s what I’m suggesting which has got a very positive response from people who have read it and seen it on social media…

The potential campaign slogan / place marketing strapline I’ve proposed is:

North East England:
Inventing the Future

And on social media, I’ve been asking people to start using the hashtag #InventingTheFuture and/or #ThisIsMINE (as in ‘This Is Made In North East’) when sharing photos of things that show what an innovate region we are or which they’ve made, both physical and digital.

In order for this to work, the campaign needs to be community-driven, grassroots-led and adopted by the people for the people. I don’t want any money for this myself but am looking for some partners or sponsors to provide some funding that can be used to pay some North East artists and designers to interpret the slogan and turn it into a more visual format that can be used online and on printed formats.

If you like the slogans and hashtags above, please feel free to start including them on your presentation slides, marketing materials, blogs and social media updates e.g.

And if you’re an artist or designer, I’d love to see how you can include the slogans and hashtags in your work so please email examples to me at [email protected] or Tweet me @lordlancaster

Take a look at the Storify blog ‘North East: #InventingTheFuture‘ for some examples of things people have been Tweeting so far, including:

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