Facebook Focus

Reading Jeremy Wilson’s article on The Kernel titled ‘Help The Aged‘, I came up with an idea for a new app called ‘Facebook Focus’.

As Jeremy’s article explains, many people use Facebook simply to stay in touch with friends and family who may be on holiday, away from home with work/college/university or living in another part of the world. It’s particularly good for sharing photos which is arguably what has damaged Flickr so much in recent years.

However, Facebook can be confusing to new users, particularly older people who just want to see the stuff that matters most to them, i.e. the status updates and photos of their friends and family, in a quick and easy to find way.

My idea for ‘Facebook Focus’ therefore is for a stripped down version of FB without all the adverts and clutter, presenting just the information people want in a more intuitive layout - like a panel for friends, another for family, one for photos and another for videos. And, well that’s probably all most people really want.

Because this goes against the current advertising-funded business model of Facebook, I’m suggesting that ‘Facebook Focus’ is a low-cost, paid-for mobile and desktop app of around £5 per year.

With an estimated 955 million active users this could be a really simple but lucrative add on for Facebook or even a new tech startup. Now, who’s going to rise to the challenge?

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