Scanme demo video

Watch this short video (below) for a live demo of how my unique, personal Scanme barcode (containing all my social media contact details) can be used on a t-shirt and business card to connect with others in both the online and offline world.

Windows 7 Phone Demo Videos

Something I’ve been meaning to do for a few weeks now is to record some demo videos of my Samsung Omnia 7 Windows Phone so people can see just how cool this phone is. I really liked the look of the Windows 7 Phone as soon as I saw it online, in print and in the shops but it’s only when you start playing with it for real that you realise what a great piece of kit it is.

Microsoft and the guys from Windows Phone have really pulled out the stops on this and come up with a very slick, stylish and gorgeous looking interface. Previously, I’ve always been a loyal Nokia customer (over 10yrs), appreciating the simple navigation menus that they provide with all their phones but I think this is even better!

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your existing phone / purchase your first smartphone I highly recommend you watch the videos below.