Unholy Island

Looking through my old files and documents I stumbled across a brief synopsis for a British horror film I wrote way back on 18th May 2007 called ‘Unholy Island’.

(18th May 2007)

Unholy Island is a British horror movie in the style of American Werewolf In London, Dog Soldiers and The Wicker Man.

A group of friends from London travel to the beautiful Northumberland coast, spending an idyllic day at the beach of Bamburgh Castle, before driving across to the Holy Island of Lindisfarne.

As a tidal island, Holy Island is linked to the mainland by a long metalled causeway, and twice each day the tide sweeps in from the North Sea and covers the road making it impossible to leave the island by car! Although tide times and heights can be accurately predicted from the phases of the Moon, severe weather can produce offsets, particularly with strong winds from the North and North East…

Unfortunately, the ‘out of towners’ are blissfully unaware of the changing tides, and after spending the day poking fun at the old-fashioned customs of the islands 150 person population in the local pub, when they decide it’s time to leave, they discover that they’re stuck on the island and must survive the night with the increasingly hostile islanders.

Attacked by the Vikings in 793AD, Holy Island has a murderous and bloodthirsty past and it doesn’t take long before they realise that nothing is as it seems with the 16th Century Medieval Castle and ruins of a Benedictine Monastery serving as the backdrop to human sacrifice and devil worship by some evil monks.

With no way of escape until morning, who will survive the night on Unholy Island?

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Admittedly it’s little more than a very basic idea but the few people I’ve spoken to in the film industry seem to quite like it and have encouraged me to write a script or find someone who can do this for me.

I didn’t really know any scriptwriters at the time and the few I’ve met since haven’t been willing or able to do anything without me raising funding to pay for the project which unfortunately I don’t have the time, experience or contacts to do.

I still think it could be a cool little film with the right people behind it so if you’d like to take it further or know someone who can, then I’d love to hear from you at plandigital@live.co.uk. Could be fun and who knows where it might lead to!

Unholy Island (18th May 2007).PDF