CIM Northern Conference, Manchester (22 May 2012)

As ‘Technology Ambassador’ for the CIM North East of England Regional Board I’ll be attending the 2nd annual CIM Northern Conference in Manchester on Tuesday 22 May.

Even if I didn’t have this role, I’d still attend as the CIM events and training I’ve been to in the past have always been extremely well run with the highest calibre of speakers.

Anyone with a role in marketing (or even just a general interest) should find the event useful with 12 workshops on; Financial Services, Professional Services, Tendering, Food, Drink & Agriculture, Medical/Pharma, Intellectual Property, Social Marketing, Marketing Technology, Public Relations, Social Media, Travel & Tourism and Retail.

Keynote speakers include; Catherine Howard (Head of Private Sector Marketing at Fujitsu), Roy Sandbach (Research Fellow at Proctor & Gamble) and Professor Michael Baker (Professor at the University of Strathclyde).

The event is open to both existing CIM members (£99 + VAT if booked before 27 April) and non-members with the latter receiving a 6 month affiliate membership for the ticket price of £199 + VAT (if booked before 27 April). For more information or to book online, visit or call 01628 427340.

Press Release:
CIM Northern Conference 2012: The Power of Marketing

Emotional Technology

Below are the slides from my Techmesh / CIM presentation at The Rose Bowl, Leeds Met University on Thursday 8th March 2012.

The theme was ‘Emotional Technology + How Ideas Spread‘ as I was trying to convey the fact that no matter how amazing the technology is, it’s only when it taps into real life human emotion, needs and desires that it will truly succeed. The slides contain links to two of my personal favourite YouTube clips (from Little Riot and Mad Men) which demonstrate the power of storytelling when getting others to buy into your ideas.

Techmesh is the B2B network for Yorkshire and Humber’s IT & Telecommunications sector and part of Leeds, York and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce. This was my first, but hopefully not my last event with them as I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and working with them. Visit to find out more about the great work they are doing for the sector.

CIM Technology Market Interest Group (TMIG) Videos (Jan 2012)

Three videos (below) from the excellent CIM Technology Market Interest Group (TMIG) event I attended in London on 18th January. This was my first TMIG event and I was impressed by the quality of speakers and topics discussed.

I’m actually speaking at the next ‘Shoestrings and Straight Lines‘ event in Leeds on Thursday 8th March if you’d like to come along (see for details).