CTO / Tech Lead, Hirestreet

Salary: £30-£40k plus equity options

Hirestreet is the UK’s first high street focused fashion rental platform. Launched in July 2018, Hirestreet has recently secured funding to dramatically scale their operations. With the ultimate goal of owning this rapidly growing market, this is an opportunity to change an industry. There is potential for equity options in this fast-paced start up valued at circa £1m in just 5 months.

Hirestreet is currently built on WordPress, having run as a ‘beta’ site since launch. Data has been collected on customer preferences which forms a big part of our desired future site map. We have a clear picture of the functionalities that we need to prioritise and are looking for a developer to build a bespoke site capable of meeting the demands of a rapidly growing customer base.

The CTO / Tech Lead role is an executive-level position and as such the candidate will be involved in the strategy planning and big decisions of the company.

The ideal candidate will be:

  • hugely ambitious
  • self-motivated
  • data-driven
  • happy to work as part of a dynamic and growing team

Role requirements

  • Choosing the technologies, language and infrastructure to build the product with
  • Choosing the development tools like IDE, source control, logging, tests, etc.
  • Designing the software architecture, modules and components
  • Building the dev roadmap based on feedback from the ‘beta’ website
  • Deciding on coding standards and development protocols
  • Writing and managing any software related documentation (for example company internal wiki page etc.)
  • Designing the Database. This includes choosing DBsolution, designing its tables and data relations, design it to scale, etc.
  • Constantly exploring new tools and technologies to improve development efficiency and product quality
  • As we grow, role may quickly include management responsibility and oversight of tech team

Nice to have

  • Interest in fashion
  • AdWords expertise, Facebook advertising


Please email Emily Wade at or call 07788487347