[Podcast] You don’t have to be Californian to launch a startup

Last week I took part in a great podcast interview with Phil Byrne, Web Marketing Coach & Director of the Positively Sparks agency in which we talked about a wide range of topics including my thoughts on startups and entrepreneurship, why I call myself a ‘SuperConnector’ and the origins of my 5 day Newcastle Startup Week festival taking place in May.

I’ve done a quite a lot of interviews over the years but this is possibly my best so far thanks to Phil’s excellent interview style which helped tease out some of my best thoughts.

If you’ve got a spare 37 mins 55 secs on your journey to work, in the background whilst working on your business or relaxing at home, please have a listen and let me know what you think by Tweeting me @lordlancaster




Paul runs Plan Digital from his home city of Newcastle in the North East of England. A region he is so passionate about that he is about to launch the very first Newcastle Startup Week festival – a 5 day event aimed at equipping local entrepreneurs with many of the skills they will need to build a successful startup. Paul tells us all about his experience in helping small businesses launch and grow. We learn why he is known as a “SuperConnector” and we discover his top tips for becoming “connected” with real people offline too. Listen above, or subscribe via iTunes at https://lrd.to/positively-sparking. At the end of the episode, don’t forget to download your FREE web marketing pack, available at https://bit.ly/webmpack