PR is one of the most powerful forms of marketing and something I’m pretty good at generating for my projects and the people I work with. Some of my favourite examples include:

The Journal (5th January 2012) - ‘Experts’ 2012 science and technology predictions’
John Hill of The Journal (leading North East business newspaper) invited me to share some of my predictions for what I thought would be be big in 2012. Will I be right? Only time will tell. (These predictions are covered in more detail elsewhere on this blog).

The Sunday Times (18th December 2011) - ‘Think outside the box and delete it all’
Following widespread coverage of the Atos decision to ban internal email within 18 months, The Sunday times (prestigious British newspaper) contacted me for my views. As a result, I not only got coverage for my ‘No Email Day’ campaign but also for my friend  Luis Suarez (IBM’er who has gone almost 4yrs without email) and Mark Hurst (author of the excellent ‘Bit Literacy’).

The Journal (27th October 2011) - ‘Could you live without Email?’
The Journal ran a fantastic 2-page article on my NO EMAIL DAY which included commentary from four leading figures in the North East business and technology world. (Read it again online).

BBC Radio 5 Live ‘Outriders’ show (25th October 2011) - Radio Interview
The BBC invited me to do a 10 minute telephone interview about my ‘No Email Day’ campaign which you can listen to again by streaming or downloading the free podcast (11MB). Worth a listen.

‘For Dummies’ Newcastle Roadshow (22nd October 2011)
The Hub @ Gateshead Council asked me to help out at the ‘For Dummies’ Roadshow which took place in Newcastle city centre on Saturday 22nd October to celebrate their 20th anniversary. I was there to provide tips and advice on Social Media to members of the public alongside Ryan Davies of local app design and development studio Gospelware.

The Next Web (15th October 2011) ‘No Email Day wants you to quit your inbox for 24hrs’
This is the best example of how positive PR from an influential source can have a huge impact on the success of your project. My ‘No Email Day’ campaign was already gaining good support but when this piece appeared on The Next Web things went crazy with thousands of Tweets and shares from people literally all over the world!

The Journal (25th August 2011) - ‘Co-working offers the best of both worlds’
Another 2-page article which featured my PostOffice project in Newcastle City Centre as part of a discussion on how the notion of an ‘office’ is changing as mobile and co-working has risen in popularity. (Read it again online or view a .PDF of the article).

If you’d like some help or advice on getting positive PR for you or your business then give me a call on +44(0)7734 722 716 or email [email protected]

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